Park spoor Noord

Park Spoor Noord

Park Spoor Noord, a new park in Antwerp, it used to be a marshalling yard for harbour traffic… Some of the old buildings are still intact, one of them is “the shelter” where in summer there’s a summerbar called “Cargo”. Over there you find this nice fountain… In the winter there’s a Winter bar, all kinds of activities, expositions, skating area, nice atmosphere, on walking distance from the apartment.

Bridge Antwerp North

Bridge Antwerp North

Pedestrians and cyclists can now go to Park Spoor Noord through the Park Bridge and vice versa. Along the island, the Park Bridge rests on the London Tower, on the side of Park Spoor Noord, the bridge rests on the headquarters of the Artesis Plantijn University of Antwerp. The bridge, with its non-ordinary form, is a striking gateway to the north of the city.

The underpass

The Underpass

St Anna’s Tunnel – or Underpass, as the locals like to refer to it – was opened in 1933. Both on the left and on the right bank, you can still access the tunnel using the authentic wooden escalators which were unique at the opening.